Conservatorio Tartini
  • “The instrument I want...” a project to listen to, get to know and choose a musical instrument.
  • Guided tours for elementary schools and high schools in Trieste.
  • STAVE – five meetings on music and words, a series of five musical meetings with famous figures on the musical, artistic and literary scene.
  • Music @ School: 12+1 concert-lessons, a project to awaken youngsters to the pleasure and importance of musical practice, to promote greater familiarity with Trieste's conservatory, to facilitate orienteering for students in favour of musical study opportunities in collaboration with local Musical State Schools (five musical junior high schools and one musical high school)
  • Series of concert-lessons to get to know wind instruments in elementary schools, high schools and after-school facilities in Trieste.

Paola La Raja
cell. 3385438515


Via Ghega, 12 – 34132 Trieste