Memorandum of Understanding

The universities, research and higher education institutions in the province of Trieste make this area one of the locations with the highest number of working units employed in the research sector in all of Europe.

The Memorandum of Understanding between the Municipality of Trieste, the local Universities and Research Institutions dates back to 2007: an active Collaboration Network joining local authorities, scientific and research institutions located in Trieste, in order to foster dialogue among its players.

The city of Trieste and its surrounding territory comprise an area with the highest development potential that aims to become a European reference point, to attract an increasingly higher number of international students and researchers, to develop tangible interactions with the business world, thereby achieving a positive spin-off on the local society and economy.

This Network - which identifies itself in the name Trieste City of Knowledge - operates in order to provide functional responses to the objectives outlined above, developing the relations between the local territory and its scientific excellence.


The Memorandum operates in particular in the following sectors:

  • Dissemination of scientific culture
  • Knowledge and innovation-based activities in support of the local economy
  • Training
  • Activities aimed at attracting Italian and foreign researchers and students
  • Services for resident researchers and students
  • Relations between researchers and the corporate world
  • Organisation of urban and territorial spaces
  • Social participation by organising events, tours and other initiatives

How it operates

Each year the Memorandum defines an Annual Operations Programme, to be approved by all the partners.
Each partner is responsible for the development and follow-up of one part of the Programme, in accordance with its institutional interests and competencies.
The partners meet regularly in plenary meetings, in which the delegates from all the institutions, authorities and companies participate in order to monitor progress in achieving the objectives of the Programme.

In order to ensure the best implementation of the Programme, a number of Technical Boards have been set up, whose members are representatives from partner institutions.

The Technical Boards deal in particular with:

  • Activities for the dissemination of scientific culture in Trieste's schools
  • Improving relations with local business and the economy
  • Communication and social participation activities
  • Improving transport services for resident students and researchers
  • Internal survey on organisational and management systems in use by the Partners
  • “City of Knowledge”
  • Open Space Technology
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