AREA Science Park,

Padriciano 99 - 34149 Trieste (Italy), tel. +39 040 375 5111

AREA Science Park, Basovizza,

SS 14, km 169.5 - 34149 Trieste (Italy), tel. +39 040 375 5326



AREA Science Park is a National Public Research Centre under the aegis of MIUR (Italian Ministry for Education, University and Research) that also manages the first and most important multi-sector Science and Technology Park in Italy. AREA Science Park is the leading Italian science and technology park since 1978. AREA Science Park operates to promote the development of innovation processes: for almost 40 years it has been a key facilitator of collaboration between the research and business worlds, between the public and the private sectors, with initiatives - also internationally - that can drive the development of territories.

Specialized skills for business innovation services, creation and development of innovative start-ups, human resources training in R&D fields, world-class technology facilities and infrastructures for industrial research: these are the strengths that AREA offers to the economic systems, at regional and national level. AREA Science Park also manages its own science and technology park, distributed on 3 campuses located in Trieste and Gorizia, with 100,000 square meters of equipped facilities for R&D activities.

Today 82 players operate in the park: 74 high-tech companies, of which 20 are start-ups, and 8 national and international research centres, generating 2.600 jobs. The development of the park areas focuses on life sciences, materials and ICT.

AREA  Science  Park  is a system with four lines of activity:

  • CAMPUS - development and management of the Science and Technology Park
  • BUSINESS CREATION - pre-incubation, incubation and acceleration of high-tech start-ups
  • INNOVATION - national and international projects to promote innovation and high-tech research (exploitation of research and technology transfer); advanced training and co-ordination of the regional public research bodies
  • HIGH TECHNOLOGY - development of services and public-private partnerships to enable companies to exploit the existing expertise and instrumentation in public laboratories.
  • AREA Science Park supports the implementation of the SiS FVG activities. SiS FVG is  an initiative of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, in collaboration with the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Collaboration and the Italian Ministry of Education, Research and University for the valorisation of the regional Scientific and Innovation System.