Science Dialogues
27/11/2019 to 29/11/2019
Kastler Lecture Hall, Adriatico Guest House, ICTP


Science Dialogues
Lisa Zillio

Trieste Città della Conoscenza (Trieste City of Knowledge), the active collaboration network joining local authorities and scientific and research centers located in Trieste, is pleased to invite all PhDs and early-stage researchers working at one of its partner institutions to a training course in science communication. Created and delivered by Sissa Medialab, the activity will take place from 27th to 29th of November at ICTP, Adriatico Guest House, Kastler Lecture Hall.

Researchers are nowadays asked to dedicate part of their time to science communication: to create support for scientific endeavors, to recruit young people into scientific careers, and to communicate research results to policymakers. While being trained to work within a rational and methodical framework, very little or no training at all is provided to help scientists cope with the unpredictable, everchanging and ambiguous research environment.

The course aims to equip researchers involved in public engagement programs with techniques and competencies that allow them to successfully run their activities, take into account the public views while respecting scientific knowledge, and ensuring a constructive outcome for the benefit of science and society.

The course will present the settings and the materials, so to best assist participants in using existing formats or designing new ones. It will include a theoretical background and practical workshops leading to the development of concrete programs.

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At the end of the course, participants who will have attended at least 80% of the sessions, will be given a certificate.

Crediti immagine: Lisa Zillio